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Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Vulcano PU R Blue

From: £46.20

Vulcano PU R Blue is a medium duty polyurethane ester based ducting. This PU hose is reinforced with a high adhesion PVC coated blue coloured steel spiral helix. The ducting is resistant to abrasion, mineral oils, weather conditions, ozone and ageing. The hose is very flexible and offers excellent performance in bending due to the TPU-coated spiral. Halogens free and phthalates free. A microbe resistant version is available on request.

Technical features: Ester based Polyurethane hose with PVC blue coated steel spiral helix, smooth inside to ensure optimization of flow properties. Wall thickness from 0,4 to 0,75mm.

Standards: It can be made electrically bonded by earthing the steel spiral. Conforms to RoHS.

Application Fields: Specifically manufactured for dynamic applications in woodworking industry: suction of pellets, saw dust, abrasive powders.

  • Colour: Clear PU with Blue PU coated steel spiral
  • Temperature Range: -40°C +90°C (+125°C short time)

*Please note the diameters listed below are all inside diameters. Please check this before ordering.


Technical Data

Code  Ø Int.Min wall th.WeightBendingVac.Coil lgth.Vol.Double bridge W2
 mmmmg/mmmm H2Omm3 
RY 01 038.0 000.0380.4215302.010/200,076 
RY 01 051.0 000.0510.4275402.010/200,108 
RY 01 063.0 000.0630.4335551.710/200,143 
RY 01 076.0 000.0760.43400651.710/200,245F2 W2 076.0 090.0
RY 01 080.0 000.0800.43420651.610/200,256
RY 01 090.0 000.0900.43470751.610/200,303
RY 01 102.0 000.01020.53530851.310/200,310F2 W2 100.0 127.0
RY 01 110.0 000.01100.53570901.210/200,320
RY 01 120.0 000.01200.536151001.010/200,372
RY 01 127.0 000.01270.536151051.0100,405
RY 01 140.0 000.01400.638401150.8100,504F2 W2 130.0 190.0
RY 01 152.0 000.01520.638901250.8100,544
RY 01 160.0 000.01600.639351300.7100,662
RY 01 180.0 000.01800.6313801500.5100,855
RY 01 203.0 000.02030.6315501650.4101,146F2 W2 200.0 230.0
RY 01 228.0 000.02280.6317401850.4101,170
RY 01 254.0 000.02540.6519002100.4101,188F2 W2 250.0 330.0
RY 01 305.0 000.03050.6522752500.3101,613
RY 01 315.0 000.03150.6523502750.3101,664
*Available on request,contact our sales office for more info and quantities
The technical data here reported were measured at 23°c with 50% humidity

Additional information




Abrasive Powders, Dust Extraction, Woodworking

Coil Length

10 Meters

Coil Diameter

38mm, 51mm, 63mm, 76mm, 80mm, 90mm, 102mm, 140mm, 152mm, 160mm, 180mm, 203mm, 254mm, 305mm




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