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Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Multipurpose Hose

From: £72.00

This flexible PVC/NBR hose is an oil resistant hose with a working pressure of 20 bar. It is resistant to several chemicals, weather conditions, microbes, hydrolysis, ageing, ozone and UV. It is particularly suited to air and water.

Technical Features: PVC hose reinforced with a braided polyester thread. It has a completely smooth bore to ensure optimization of flow.

Application Fields:Widely used in all types of industries for delivery of air / water and for applications that require a flexible oil resistant hose.

  • Colour: Black inside and out
  • Temperature Range: -20°C+80°C

*Please note the diameters listed below are all inside diameters. Please check this before ordering.


Technical Data

CodeIns. ØOut. ØWeightWPBPCoil lgth.Vol.
MP 01 006.0 013.061314620601000,025
MP 01 008.0 015.081517720601000,030
MP 01 010.0 017.0101720820601000,041
MP 01 013.0 020.0132025420601000,065
MP 01 016.0 023.0162330020601000,100
MP 01 019.0 028.0192846520601000,126
MP 01 025.0 034.0253458420601000,220
*Available on request,contact our sales office for more info and quantities
The technical data here reported were measured at 23°c with 50% humidity

Additional information




Liquids, Chemical Oil and Solvents

Coil Length

100 Meters

Coil Diameter

6mm x 13mm, 8mm x 15mm, 10mm x 17mm, 16mm x 23mm, 19mm x 28mm, 25mm x 34mm




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