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Whitehouse Flexible Tubing

Arizona PVC Tubing


Arizona PVC Tubing is particularly suitable to be used even at low temperatures, high mechanical properties, light, flexible, good bendingresistant to torsion, crushing, weather conditions, ageing, ozone, hydrolysis and most chemicals.

Technical features: PVC hose reinforced with an anti-shock rigid PVC spiral.completely free from phthalates with smooth bore, slightly corrugated outside .

Application Fields: Excellent for liquid suction, slurry and delivery , particularly suitable to be used on tank trucks thanks to its physical-mechanical features.

  • Colour: Green
  • Temperature Range: – 25°C + 60°C.

Suitable for

Application : Hoses for Waste Management

Industry : Agriculture, Waste Management

Technical Data

CodeIns. ØMin wall th.Max. wall th.WeightWPBPVac.BendingCoil lgth.Vol.
mmmmmmg/mbarbarm H2Ommmm3
NX NF 025.0 000.0252.73.03103.3105110300.085
NX NF 032.0 000.03182.83.14003.3105140300.128
NX NF 038.0 000.03813.03.55203.3105160300.183
NX NF 052.0
NX NF 063.0
NX NF 076.0
NX NF 102.0 000.0102486.022803.095400300.729
NX NF 127.0 000.01275.26.530402.06358020/301.130
NX NF 150.0 000.0151.56.27.743502.06366020/301.282
*Available on request,contact our sales office for more info and quantities
The technical data here reported were measured at 23°c with 50% humidity

Additional information


Hoses for Waste Management


Agriculture, Waste Management

Coil Length

20 Meters, 30 Meters

Coil Diameter

25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 52mm, 63mm, 76mm, 102mm, 127mm, 150mm


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