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Specialists in the manufacture of electrical conduits, flexible exhaust tubing
& industrial hose solutions

Bellows and Expansion Joints

We design and manufacture bellows for a range of applications particularly in the oil and marine industry. We offer a full range of Flanges and end fittings to suit your requirements.

The extensive design and development services we offer enable us to supply an extensive range of bespoke assemblies in annular (convoluted) and braided flexible hoses to suit your requirements. Our sales team have the time and expertise to help you decide on the correct solution for your application. Typical assemblies we design and manufacture help customers satisfy requirements for numerous industrial applications ranging from engine test rigs to fire hoses for oil and petrochemical industries.







Convoluted Hose Griplock Type Tubing Copper Packed Interlock Type Tubing Stainless Steel Braiding

Construction: Our design engineers will choose parts that best suit your requirements. Typical constructions are made in Stainless Steel and we can combine any of a number of products depending on the environment.

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Standard Types: Axial, Articulated, Gimbal & Pressure

Typical Applications:

    • SteamExpansion-Hose5.gif
    • Gas
    • Generator Exhausts                     

Design Specifications: To enable us to design or quote a product for your application we would require the following details:

  • Application / Purpose: What is the tubing going to be used for?
  • Temperature: What are the maximum and minimum operating temperatures?
  • Pressure: What pressures will the hose be operating at / need to withstand?
  • End Fittings: What end fittings are required and what are their specifications?
  • Special Requirements: Are there any other specific requirements for the hose?
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Expansion Hose and Bellows