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Specialists in the manufacture of electrical conduits, flexible exhaust tubing
& industrial hose solutions



We supply our tubing for a range of building projects in the construction industry and other projects in the construction.jpgcommercial market with various requirements for flexible tubing and assemblies. Our extensive range of products and services ensure that Whitehouse Flexible Tubing will have a solution to meet your needs, no matter what specific requirements you may have. 

We appreciate with the increasing demand for cost effective work completed in a timely manor it is important to find solutions that are quick and easy to install. In addition to the requirements for ease and speed of installation we supply products for municipal buildings with increased safety and technical performance.



Whitehouse Flexible Tubing built a lot of its success on supplying exhaust tubing to the British motor car automotive.jpgmanufacturers. In more recent years we have also supplied replacement parts for antique cars as well as flexible exhausts for buses and trucks.

Due to the decline of the British motor industry our business had to diversify however, we are still active within the industry and we are always open to potential new business opportunities and new partners to work with. 

If you have any requirements for flexible tubing for use in the motor industry we would love to discuss your needs to see how we could work with you to supply specialist parts for your application.



We have survived the tests of time by continuously exceeding our customers expectations for quality products that offer great mechanical strength, flexibility and a high resistance to abrasion which allows us to offer products that provide protection along the whole length of the moving parts.
Our products are designed for the rigorous environment of the machine industry where it is essential to be able to offer cable management products that provide a resistance to Oils and Chemicals. To guard against the expense of hold ups in production our products also offer essential ingress prevention.


Rail Infrastructure

Whitehouse Flexible Tubing have supplied products for numerous Rail projects over the years and in particular railinfra.jpgwe have supplied Electrical Conduit for use in the London Underground. Our conduit systems and industrial Hoses have been used for public transport projects all over the world.

Rail Industry applications often require the tubing to be able to perform in the most demanding environments which can range from high to sub-zero temperatures. The nature of rail application means that the conduit systems and other industrial hose systems used need to withstand constant vibrations, water ingress, offer corrosion resistance and provide protection against fire hazards for which we offer a low smoke and fume PVC covering or a halogen free covering.


Oil Gas & Marine

Hoses for Oil & Marine applications are required to perform in extremely demanding environments with theoilgasmarin.jpg potentially damaging effects of salt water, wind, waves, and exposed areas. Many applications also require a resistance to vibration and extreme temperatures.

We manufacture an extensive range of robust flexible solutions for marine applications that are designed to have a long service life and meet all the relevant properties and characteristics to perform as required.



Whitehouse Flexible Tubing manufacture tubing systems for a wide range of cable management applications. 

Our comprehensive product range ensures that we have a product with the necessary characteristics to suit your application. We understand the importance of selecting the right product for your particular application to provide you with the required performance.

Our Engineers have the necessary experience and knowledge which has been gained internationally across all of the market sectors we operate in. We offer a bespoke design service and expert technical advice which enables us to find the perfect solution to fulfil your needs.  



Whitehouse Flexible Tubing have supplied products for use in many interesting projects aerospace.jpgfor outer space over the years including the Hubble telescope. In addition to this project work we have also sold our products to a number of aircraft manufacturers for various applications.
There have always been stringent quality standards for any work in this market, hence it was one of the reasons we began our focus on achieving quality approvals to assist in our efforts to continue supplying the aerospace industry. 

We have always worked very closely with our customers in the design, development and testing of products for  applications in this area. Please contact our experienced technical sales team to discuss your requirements.




The agricultural industry has always been a large user of flexible tubing solutions for a wide range of agricultural.jpgapplications. Stripwound flexible tubing is particularly well suited to the transfer of granular products of all sorts so it is no surprise that Grain is moved using our products.

Not only is the tubing used for the movement of goods from truck to truck, when loading ships and stores it is also used for farming equipment itself for cable protection and various general purpose applications.



Food Industry

Our flexible tubing is suitable for countless applications in the food industry ranging from flexible stainless steel drinks hose lines to large conveyance hoses for the transportation of grain from trucks to shipping containers. 

foodindustry.jpgWe understand the importance of great performance and hygiene in the food industry combined with the very best quality. The flexible tubing products we manufacture come with the assurance that they are produced from the finest quality materials by our fully qualified staff.

Both our flexible metallic tubing and polymer hoses for the food industry are offered in food grade materials that meet with the demanding food quality standards that exist today.


General Industrial

Flexible tubing is used in countless general industrial applications so whatever your needs our extensive product range can offer a solution. 

Our conduit range includes a number of product types that each possess different properties making them particularly suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications asides from cable protection.

Our industrial metallic hose range includes products which are suitable for such a wide and varied range of applications it is almost impossible to name them all!

The properties and characteristics of each type of flexible tubing such as flexibility, strength, crush resistance, operating temperatures are used to identify their best suited application.