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Stainless Steel Griplock Flexible Tubing

Whitehouse flexible tubing are a UK based manufacturer who produce a complete range of flexible metallic industrial hoses for a wide range applications and environments.

Construction: This type of flexble tubing is made from a Stainless Steel Strip which is then profiled and helically wound into a tube.Stainless Steel Griplock Flexible Tubing

We are the only manufacturer who produces this type of tubing with a round construction although it is available with a Polygonal Construction (Agraf Type).

  • Griplock
  • Polygonal
  • Agraf

All of these types of tubing are suitable for the same type of applications so Griplock can easily be used instead of the other and in most instances one can easily be used as an alternative to the other.

Typical Applications: Applications in the Motor Industry for use as an exhaust on Cars, Buses, Coaches Taxis, Boats and all sorts of exhaust systems. Perhaps most commonly this is used as a flanged exhaust assembly on diesel generators.

  • Flanged Exhaust Assemblies for Diesel Generators
  • Exhaust Systems on Cars, Buses, Coaches, Etc
  • Protective Casing for all sorts of applications where a strong protective flexible casing is required.

Griplock Systems / Assemblies: We offer various assemblies using Griplock Tubing as it is very versatile and ideal for many dynamic applications. This tubing can be supplied with a wide range of end fittings including: Flanges, Unicone Ends, Spiggots, Bauer Couplings & BSP Fittings. We also offer Braided Griplock Assemblies for specialist applications. For further information about our bespoke assemblies please ask to speak to our technical department.

Advantages: Suitable for use in high temperatures, Very Flexible, High Mechanical Strength, High Crush Resistance, High Tensile Strength & Long Work Life

Fire Performance: Our Griplock can be described as having an inherently Low Fire Hazard (LFH). None of the component parts can catch fire or burn and is therefore flame retardant and Halogen Free.

Size Range: Our Standard Size Range is from: ¼” (6mm) to 20” (508mm) I/D 


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