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DIN Standard PVC Covered Galvanised Steel Conduit

Whitehouse flexible tubing are a UK based manufacturer who produce a complete range of flexible conduit for the protection of electrical cables in all sorts of situations and environments.

PVC Covered Galvanised Steel Conduit ConstructionDFC_3.png

This type of conduit is manufactured from a galvanised steel strip which is then profiled, helically wound into a conduit and extruded with a PVC Covering. This PVC Sheathed conduit is suitable for regular movement and absorbing vibration.

Low Smoke & Fume PVC Covering: Our PVC Covered Conduit (DFC TYPE) has a special Low Smoke and Fume PVC Covering (LSF) on our PVC covered conduit which give the tubing a degree of weatherproofing and makes it water resistant. An additional advantage of the PVC Sheathing is that it improves the IP Rating.

IP Rating: IP65 (Conduit) / IP54 (Conduit Plus Fittings)

Description: This type of conduit is often referred to by brand name so often you will hear people talking about Sometime call:

  • Adaptaflex
  • Kopex
  • Flexicon

Typical Applications of DIN Standard PVC Covered Galvanised Steel Conduit:

This PVC Sheathed conduit is most commonly used for pre-wired conduit systems such as under floor wiring applications i.e. computer/floor boxes and halogen free areas, airports, hospitals, public buildings for various construction projects in various markets:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential (Houses, Apartment Blocks, Flats… etc.)
  • Government (Hospitals, Schools, Prisons…etc.)

Modular & Prewired Conduit Systems Using PVC Covered Conduit:

Prewired conduit systems are used for the management of Power, Light, AV (Audio Visual) & IT (Information Technology) Networks. The network system use a 40mm HOME RUN (Main Distribution Umbilical) to bring all the necessary cabling into the building.

Home Runs are used to bring in all the necessary cabling into the building in a 40mm Conduit which can then be distributed throughout the ‘building’ using Tap Offs (Also known as Link Cables or Dropdowns) to distribute the power, light, IT & AV to the relevant areas.

Appearance: This type of tubing looks exactly like a metal shower hose with a PVC Jacket.

Advantages: Suitable for use in high temperatures, Very Flexible, High Mechanical Strength, High Crush Resistance, High Tensile Strength & a Long Work Life

Fire Performance: Our Conduit and fittings can be described as Inherent Low Fire Hazard (ILFH) systems as none of the component parts can catch fire or burn. The product is therefore both flame retardant and does not give off any fumes when involved in a fire.

Popular Sizes & Manufacturers Size References:

  • 10mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP10   Kopex Ref: KEBF01
  • 12mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP12    Kopex Ref: KEBF02
  • 16mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP16    Kopex Ref: KEBF03
  • 20mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP20    Kopex Ref: KEBF04
  • 25mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP25    Kopex Ref: KEBF05
  • 32mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP32    Kopex Ref: KEBF06
  • 40mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP40    Kopex Ref: KEBF07
  • 50mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP50    Kopex Ref: KEBF08
  • 63mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP63    Kopex Ref: KEBF
  • 75mm   Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP75    Kopex Ref: KEBF
  • 100mm Whitehouse Ref: DFC10  Adaptaflex Ref: SP100 Kopex Ref: KEBF

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