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Please use our quick reference guide to help you select the best tubing for your application. Click on the picture of your preferred choice to view further details.

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Product Name
Temp Range   
Typical Applications
Pliable Reinforced
Stayput Tube

This tube has an aluminium inner with a black polyethelene outer.

-20 to +55 °C
Applications requiring a stayput support
Pneumatic control systems
Welding applications
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Clear PVC
A clear soft and flexible PVC hose.
-20 to +55°C
General purpose, liquid conveyance, food & contact applications.
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Clear Braided PVC
A clear soft & flexible hose reinforced with a polyester yarn.
-5 to +60°C
General purposes, compressed air & conveyance of liquids
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Multi-purpose PVC ducting with an antishock rigid PVC spiral. This has a smooth bore and is resistant to atmospherical agents and most chemicals. Meets CL-UL 94 V-2

-10°C +50°C
Ducting of dust, fumes, gasses, sawdust and shavings. For ventilation, air conditioning and non hazardous waste.
Armorvin Type

Food quality PVC hose reinforced with a steel wire. Smooth inside and out this tube is also resistant to weather and most chemicals.


Light polyerethane ducting reinforced with a zinc plated steel helix. Semi smooth inside and extremely flexible with resistance to abrasion and bending. Resistant to many chemicals.

 -40°C + 90°C

Suction of abrasive powders dust, fumes, wood shavings and dry food stuffs according to CE regulations and directives.

Polyurethane ducting reinforced with a copper coated steel wire. Extremely flexible & resistant to abrasion, mineral oils, weather conditions, ozone and ageing. Halogen free, conforms to RoHS. Can be made antistatic by grinding the spiral.

Suction and discharge of abrasive powders, fumes, shavings, vapours and heavy duty industrial and abrasive applications.
Food grade, ether based, polyurethane with an antishock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth bore, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexing. High mechanical strength and resistance to many chemicals.
Suction and delivery of food stuffs and abrasives such as pellets, sand, wood shavings and granulated materials.

Flexible high temperature ducting made from a thermoplastic rubber, reinforced with a steel wire. Light, flexible and resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and abrasion.

 -40°C +125°C
Ideal for the suction of fumes and hot air.
WFD 6000
Constructed from a EPDM covered Neoprene coated Polyester with a spring steel wire helix
-50 to +125°C